About Coaching

What do I do exactly? Well people come work with me when they want to remove blockages to pleasure & connection, if they want to level up their sex life, and when they are ready to start actively working towards their desires and goals in life. 

I am not a counselor, or a therapist, but I do work with therapeutic principles, so the main difference is I am forward, desire and goal focused, vs going back into trauma and story to heal.

I am a coach that guides you through practices and techniques steeped in Tantric wisdom, Therapeutic principles and the latest in Neuroscience. And just like your (__insert sport__) Coach in high school gave you drills to practice, that worked to created muscle memory & form new neuronal pathways in your brain, these practices will also transform your game, and stay with you for life! I help people train their sexuality.

***Disclosure, it is usually a call over skype, or a session at my kitchen table, with all of our clothes on. I don’t train people TO have sex, I train people how to CONNECT & EXPERIENCE their bodies, so that when they have sex on their own, it is from a space of deep love, juicy connection, and mind blowing bliss. ***

So if you are ready to tap into your primal sexuality, awaken your body, and realize the Sex, Love, & Relationships you are yearning for, then click that button below.