"I very much enjoyed my sessions with Caralee. It was my first time ever experiencing something like this and I was very happy for it to have been with her. I immediately felt that I was in a safe place and I trusted her intentions completely. The sessions were fun and interesting and I highly recommend that others participate with these classes with her. 

The sessions helped me immensely with my relationship and also with understanding my own needs and desires."---Simone


 "Caralee is a very well dedicated and passionate individual who was such a pure pleasure to have hold space for me. In her presence i felt warm, loved, and cared for on a deep level. She holds space in such a tender way that I felt open, soft, and welcoming to my own desires. In a rushed and conditioned society it is less than easy to have and open heart enough for every living being and it shows through her practice. CaraLee reminded me of a peaceful Zen garden within myself through self inquiry and womb wisdom. She has such a white light burning fire inside of her to assist in the awakening of a higher consciousness on this Earth; It is very apparent when in her loving and grounding presence."--Hailey

Through my work with Caralee, I was able to release past traumas and tap into facets of my psyche I didn’t even know existed. Although not always easy, the exercises she gave me enabled me to forgive past hurts I didn’t even realize I was hanging onto. As a result, many of my relationships have improved immensely. Seeing different forms of myself and being able to remove self placed labels and limitations has allowed me to start living more authentically and confidently. Caralee’s coaching method made it safe to be myself, open up, and be vulnerable in a loving, judgement free space. If your soul is calling you to move out of a stagnant space, heal past wounds, and fall in love with parts of yourself you forgot existed, I would highly recommend working with Caralee.
Thank you Caralee. I love you and am so appreciative of the help you provided. 


After exhausting all other outlets which were not working for me, I approached Caralee for some personal help. We had know each other for a little bit and I always found her inspiring and figured that inspiration could get me going in the right direction.

At each session, Caralee makes sure you feel comfortable and safe no matter the setting. What starts off as a friendly conversation slowly morphs into an amazing experience. The visualization exercises Caralee uses had me thinking at first, “what have I gotten myself into?”, but by the end I was in emotional bliss and very thankful for those moments.

I feel like a better person ready to tackle my dreams, and that’s just the beginning. Caralee is a blessing and I would highly recommend her to anybody. Wade